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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Trotter say when she falls on top of Gilly?
(a) That she thinks there's a big lunp on the floor.
(b) She doesn't say anything; she just falls asleep.
(c) That she squished Gilly juicy.
(d) She asks Gilly's grandmother if she knows where Gilly is.

2. What does Gilly tell William Ernest in her December 16 letter to him?
(a) That her horses won the Kentucky Derby.
(b) That her horses won the race and are now training for the Kentucky Derby.
(c) That her horses lost the race so they can't go to the Kentucky Derby.
(d) That her horses are going for the Triple Crown.

3. How does Gilly react when William Ernest interrupts her visit with her grandmother to tell her he wet himself?
(a) She gets angry with him.
(b) She tells him to go back to bed; she'd see to him later.
(c) She tells him big boys don't wet the bed.
(d) She is understanding and reassures him it is okay.

4. In Chapter 10, who is at the door?
(a) Agnes.
(b) The doctor.
(c) Gilly's grandmother.
(d) Mr. Randolph's son.

5. What does Gilly's grandmother want Gilly to call her?
(a) Nonnie.
(b) Nanna.
(c) Grammy.
(d) Gram.

6. What humorous note does Miss Harris add in her letter to Gilly?
(a) That she won't send any samples of Gilly's poetry with her records.
(b) That she is making a card especially for Gilly and will send it soon.
(c) That she is trying to stir up the students once in a while like Gilly tried to do.
(d) That she is sending Gilly back the card Gilly made for her.

7. In her letter, what does Gilly suggest William Ernest do?
(a) Read to Mrs. Trotter.
(b) Read more often to his teacher.
(c) Invite Agnes to help him with his reading.
(d) Read out loud to Mr. Randolph for practice.

8. In Chapter 11, what happens at twelve after nine?
(a) School closes early because of a flu epidemic.
(b) Mrs. Trotter takes time for a break from her cleaning.
(c) Miss Ellis goes to her desk and finds a note from Gilly's grandmother.
(d) Gilly starts to show signs of the flu.

9. Which room does Gilly decide to use?
(a) Her grandmother's room.
(b) Her grandmother's sewing room.
(c) Courtney's older brother's room.
(d) A small room that used to be a nursery.

10. How does Gilly's grandmother first find out about her?
(a) Her grandmother was looking for her daughter on the Internet and found Gilly instead.
(b) Courtney wrote soon after Gilly was born.
(c) Courtney recently sent her a letter.
(d) Courtney phoned her mother and told her about Gilly.

11. What happens when Mrs. Trotter kisses Gilly?
(a) Gilly kisses Mrs. Trotter back.
(b) Gilly makes a face and pulls away.
(c) Gilly doesn't wipe off the spot like she once would have.
(d) Gilly wipes off the stop and says, "Uck!"

12. What does Gilly's grandmother ask about school?
(a) Does she want to start right away or settle in first?
(b) Does she want to go to a public or private school?
(c) Does she want to go to the all girl's school where her mother went?
(d) Does she want to be home schooled?

13. After the Thanksgiving holiday is over, what happens?
(a) Mrs. Trotter starts cleaning up the house.
(b) Mr. Randolph returns to his home.
(c) All the answers are correct.
(d) Gilly and William Ernest return to school.

14. What does Gilly note about herself in her reply to Miss Harris?
(a) All the answers are correct.
(b) That she wishes she was back in Harris 6.
(c) That she thought Frodo should keep the magic ring.
(d) That after reading the books Miss Harris sent her she knows where her name comes from.

15. What doesn't Mrs. Trotter like about Gilly's lessons?
(a) Gilly teaches him to say "hell."
(b) She doesn't believe in stealing.
(c) She was afraid he'd trip if he ran too fast.
(d) She thought hop-scotch was for girls.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 13, who makes the belated Thanksgiving dinner?

2. What does Miss Ellis ask Gilly when she visits her?

3. What does Gilly's and her grandmother do in preparation for Courtney's visit?

4. What does Gilly tell William Ernest in her letter to him?

5. In Chapter 8, what does Gilly plan to do that Sunday after Mrs. Trotter settles town in front of the TV?

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