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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15 "Homecoming".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What shock do Gilly and her grandmother receive from Courtney?
(a) That she is only home for two days.
(b) That she is going to take Gilly back with her.
(c) That she is there to visit her old classmates.
(d) That she is only staying one day.

2. In Chapter 11, who finally gets through to Gilly when she is so upset?
(a) Mr. Randolph.
(b) Mrs. Trotter.
(c) Miss Ellis.
(d) William Ernest.

3. What is Gilly's first impression of Maime Trotter?
(a) The woman is no match for her.
(b) An unkind thought about Maime Trotter's large size.
(c) Maime Trotter is a whimp.
(d) That she'd turn her to mush within two days.

4. After all her work dusting both homes, what does Gilly have to show for it?
(a) A roll of bills.
(b) A sore back.
(c) Nothing
(d) The money she was paid for the chore.

5. When is Gilly to leave Mrs.Trotter's home?
(a) The next week.
(b) The next day.
(c) In two weeks.
(d) Right away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens at the end of Chapter 8?

2. What does Gilly tell Agnes when she asks to come in the house with Gilly?

3. After dinner, what does Mrs.Trotter suggest Gilly do for Mr. Randolph?

4. In Chapter 10, who is at the door?

5. What does William Ernest ask Gilly about her new home?

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