The Great Gilly Hopkins Character Descriptions

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This foster child wants one thing -- to be reunited with her mother.

Maime Trotter

This character has raised many children in the twenty years she has been a foster mother.

William Ernest (W.E.) Teague

This foster child isn't as slow as some think; rather he just needs confidence.

Courtney Rutherford Hopkins

This character is the mother of the main character.

Mr. Randolph

This elderly neighbor is the first African American the main character ever met.

Miss Miriam Ellis

This case worker cares very much for the children she places in the foster system.

Agnes Stokes

This feisty, disheveled child annoys the main character, yet they have much in common.

Mr. Evans

This character is the principal of the main character's new school.

Miss Harris

This character is a fifth grade teacher who has more in common with the main character than not.

Nonnie (Mrs. Hopkins)

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