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Chapter 1 "Welcome to Thompson Park"

• Galadriel (Gilly) Hopkins is on her way to a new foster home.

• Her caseworker, Miss Ellis, is asking her to cooperate so this home works out for her.
• Some of the unpleasant history of Gilly's past foster homes is revealed.

• Gilly meets her new foster mother, Mrs. Trotter, and the woman's other charge William Ernest.

• Gilly immediately begins plans to create trouble.

Chapter 2 "The Man Who Comes To Supper"

• Gilly is shocked when she meets Mrs. Trotter's blind neighbor and frequent visitor, Mr. Randolph.

• Mr. Randolph is the first black person she's ever been around.
• Gilly is so appalled by her current situation she begins to consider writing to her mother.

• Gilly assumes that if her mother knew the kind of place she has been placed her mother would make sure she'd be removed from Mrs. Trotter's.

Chapter 3 "More Unpleasant Surprises"

• Gilly is...

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