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Short Answer Questions

1. In Book IX, what is the common man's deepest pleasure?

2. How does Socrates regard an oligarchy?

3. Meletus claims that Socrates said which of the following?

4. One theme that is present in Book X, and in other dialogues is______________.

5. What assertion is made by Socrates when he responds to Adeimantus' point?

Short Essay Questions

1. What should be done about the poets, according to Socrates in Book X?

2. Why does Socrates think the Sophists are evil?

3. If one cannot live like a philosopher, what does Socrates think he should do?

4. What does the cave metaphor mean?

5. Which trumps the other, according to Socrates, the laws of Athens or the gods?

6. How is the entire Apology an example of Socratic wisdom in practice?

7. Describe Crito's and Socrates' relationship. Why is this important to the dialogue?

8. What objection does Cebes raise about Socrates view on death?

9. How can tyranny arise in a democratic state?

10. Why does Socrates think that the forms of government are like forms in the human soul?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Plato's and Socrates's Republic would be a good place to live. Agree or disagree? Use examples from the text to support your opinion.

Essay Topic 2

How does Plato, in the Great Dialogues, separate himself from Socrates? To answer this you may note one major difference between Socrates' and Plato's ideas. To what to do you attribute this disagreement? What does this tell you about the relationship between Plato and Socrates?

Essay Topic 3

In Phaedo Socrates promotes the idea that philosophy is preparing for dying, and that a true philosopher should not fear death but welcome it. Would Socrates then be able to justify suicide as a good thing? Why or why not? Do you think Socrates commits suicide? Why or Why not?

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