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Short Answer Questions

1. One theme that is present in Book X, and in other dialogues is______________.

2. After a philosopher's formal education is complete in the Republic, what does Socrates' think is the next step in his training?

3. Tyranny is most likely to occur under which form of government?

4. How does Socrates regard an oligarchy?

5. What is one of the reasons that Crito offers for coming to visit Socrates?

Short Essay Questions

1. How can tyranny arise in a democratic state?

2. Why does Socrates think that the philosopher is always the happiest man in the state?

3. Why does Socrates say in Book VII that "philosophers don't want to rule"?

4. How is the entire Apology an example of Socratic wisdom in practice?

5. Why does Socrates think that the forms of government are like forms in the human soul?

6. Describe Socrates view of death and its role for the philosopher.

7. What are the five tell-tale traits of an aspiring philosopher, according to Socrates?

8. How does Socrates argue that it is unlawful to break out of prison?

9. Why is democracy dangerous, according to Socrates?

10. Why does Socrates think philosophers make the best rulers?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Socrates plan for his city's rulers to not be corrupted by power? Do you think his plan is practical?

Essay Topic 2

Is the city that Socrates builds in the The Republic actually feasible? Why or why not? Use examples from the text to justify your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Choose your favorite Sophist and write a paper arguing for his thesis. You may choose "justice is the power of the stronger," or "the unjust life is more rewarding than the just one" or anything else you find in the text. Address the Socratic counter arguments to these claims and rebut them as best you can. Make sure to use textual evidence for your reasoning on both sides of your argument.

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