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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Socrates think is the fourth (and least) happiest social class of man in the republic?
(a) The tyrant.
(b) The king.
(c) The democratic man.
(d) The aristocrat.

2. In <i>Book VII</i> Socrates weaves an analogy suggesting that the common man is like________.
(a) A willow flapping in the wind.
(b) A prisoner in a cave looking at shadow puppets and thinking it's real life.
(c) A chicken in a coop, about to be slaughtered.
(d) A starving beast, desperate for food.

3. Socrates' republic would have a ruling _________.
(a) Democracy.
(b) Monarchy.
(c) Aristocracy.
(d) Timocracy.

4. What must the philosopher, according to Socrates in <i>Book VI</i>, employ in order to attain knowledge of "absolute good"?
(a) Guessing and hoping he gets lucky.
(b) Hypotheses about what is good in the world.
(c) Public opinion of theoretical subjects.
(d) Judgment against "absolute evil."

5. Wise souls, Socrates asserts, will always choose paths of_________.
(a) Virtue.
(b) Avarice.
(c) Pedagogy.
(d) Greed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Socrates firmly believes that poets ______________.

2. As a consequence of misology, or a hatred of logic/reasoning, Socrates explains how the common man has trouble_________.

3. From Socrates' point of view, the philosopher is __________ than the tyrant.

4. According to Socrates, what is the best form of government?

5. What is timocracy?

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