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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Socrates' opinion, what is the third happiest social class of man in the world?
(a) The philosophy student.
(b) The tyrant.
(c) The atheistic man.
(d) The democratic man.

2. According to Socrates' radical math, the tyrant's life is 729 times________.
(a) More worthy than an elected leader's life.
(b) Less exciting than the soldier's life.
(c) Less pleasant than the philosopher's life.
(d) More laudable than the common man's life.

3. Socrates concludes Book X with a theory of _______________.
(a) Reincarnation of souls.
(b) Metaphysical phenomenology.
(c) Revolution for the government.
(d) Reverse psychology.

4. In Socrates' cross-examination of Meletus, how does he make Meletus contradict himself?
(a) By proving Meletus to be incapable of answering questions.
(b) Socrates does not make Meletus contradict himself.
(c) By showing that Meletus asserts that Socrates both believes in the gods and doesn't believe in them.
(d) By asking Meletus about his family.

5. How does Socrates regard an oligarchy?
(a) Socrates claims that oligarchy is dangerous because it often leads to an impoverished public.
(b) Socrates thinks that oligarchy is the best form of government in all cases.
(c) Socrates asserts that an oligarchy is worse than a democracy.
(d) Socrates thinks that class divisions are crucial to the success of an oligarchy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Meletus claims that Socrates said which of the following?

2. The Athenian jury finds Socrates_________.

3. According to Socrates' opinion, what does the common man's simple mind cause him to mistake?

4. According to Socrates, what did the Oracle at Delphi tell Socrates and Cherephon?

5. Wise souls, Socrates asserts, will always choose paths of_________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are poets dangerous, according to Socrates?

2. Why does Socrates think the Sophists are evil?

3. Why can't the common man see the world like the philosopher, according to Socrates?

4. Why does Socrates think philosophers make the best rulers?

5. What objection does Cebes raise about Socrates view on death?

6. How is the entire Apology an example of Socratic wisdom in practice?

7. Why does Socrates think that the forms of government are like forms in the human soul?

8. How can tyranny arise in a democratic state?

9. Describe Crito's and Socrates' relationship. Why is this important to the dialogue?

10. How does Socrates defend against Meletus' chargers of impiety?

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