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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Crito's relationship to Socrates?
(a) Crito is Socrates' cousin
(b) Crito is a jail guard.
(c) Crito is a wealthy disciple of Socrates.
(d) Crito is a Sophist, one of Socrates' enemies.

2. Which subject should be taught last in Socrates' curriculum?
(a) Ontology (study of being).
(b) Dialectic (the study of reasoning).
(c) Mathematics.
(d) Logic.

3. One theme that is present in <i>Book X</i>, and in other dialogues is______________.
(a) The immortality of the soul.
(b) The myth of reincarnation.
(c) Platonic forms manifest on earth.
(d) Learning as recalled knowledge.

4. Socrates explains that the common man sees the philosopher as useless because_________.
(a) He is blinded by ignorance, not seeing the intrinsic importance to their purpose.
(b) He is self-serving, and, therefore, despises those who judge him.
(c) He mistakes thoughfulness for idleness.
(d) He is concerned with the soul, not with books.

5. How does Socrates regard an oligarchy?
(a) Socrates thinks that oligarchy is the best form of government in all cases.
(b) Socrates thinks that class divisions are crucial to the success of an oligarchy.
(c) Socrates asserts that an oligarchy is worse than a democracy.
(d) Socrates claims that oligarchy is dangerous because it often leads to an impoverished public.

Short Answer Questions

1. "A good man [who is] grieving," says Socrates," will attempt to moderate his grief through _________."

2. The evil of the soul, explained in <i>Book X</i> by Socrates, is ___________.

3. In <i>Book VII</i> Socrates weaves an analogy suggesting that the common man is like________.

4. According to Socrates in <i>Book VII</i>, how many years must a philosopher work after finishing his education in order to become a ruler?

5. According to Socrates, to what does a true philosopher owe his life?

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