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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Republic: Book X.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Socrates argues that laws are___________.
(a) Worthy formal pursuits.
(b) Affected by the flow of everyday life, and thus should not be formulated individually.
(c) Misguided because no one law holds true categorically.
(d) Rigid and static, unlike the people they control.

2. What types of stories, according to Socrates, ought we to read to children when they are very young?
(a) True ones with false elements.
(b) False ones (myths), with a true element.
(c) True ones with only true elements
(d) False ones (myths) that are not grounded in any truth.

3. One theme that is present in Book X, and in other dialogues is______________.
(a) The immortality of the soul.
(b) The myth of reincarnation.
(c) Platonic forms manifest on earth.
(d) Learning as recalled knowledge.

4. Why would candidates for a philosopher-king class in the republic be tested?
(a) To show that they have no skeletons in their closets.
(b) To enjoy a life of task and reward.
(c) To prove that they are stronger than their adversaries.
(d) To ensure that they can endure different types of intellectual life.

5. Whose stories does Socrates think dangerous for the moral turpitude of his city's citizens?
(a) Aristotle's Poetics.
(b) Heretical poetry by Shakespeare and Ben Johnson.
(c) Hesoid's Theogeny.
(d) Various works by Pindar.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which one of the following scenarios, according to Socrates, would most likely give rise to a tyrannical government?

2. Why is Socrates worried about literature which contains wayward characters?

3. Socrates firmly believes that poets ______________.

4. Which of the following does Socrates reason about Ion?

5. Who are the rulers in Socrates' republic?

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