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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Republic: Book X.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is wisdom found in Socrates' ideal republic?
(a) In the slaves who labor in it.
(b) In the moral law.
(c) In Socrates, and others like him.
(d) In those who rule and order it.

2. The common man is not concerned with beauty itself, but ___________.
(a) He is concerned with beautiful things.
(b) He is concerned with more abstract notions.
(c) He concerns himself with only practical matters.
(d) He is concerned for his soul.

3. Which of the following ideas are not mentioned in Book VI?
(a) Philosophers can do good and evil.
(b) Hypotheses are helpful, but only when you cannot apprehend an idea without an example.
(c) The intellectual life of the philosopher is very rigorous.
(d) Learning is a process of recalling past knowledge.

4. As a consequence of an elevated state of mind, Socrates explains that philosophers often have trouble_________.
(a) Being professional.
(b) Focusing on complicated issues.
(c) Apprehending absolute truths.
(d) With sensible and mundane activities.

5. What analogies does Socrates employ to refute Thrasymachus' position on justice?
(a) He compares democracy to dictatorship and aristocracy.
(b) He compares the skill of a leader to the respective skills of a doctor, house-builder, and sailor.
(c) He compares a money-maker to a philosopher and a clergyman.
(d) He compares justice to food, both nourishing the soul.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Socrates meets Ion, Ion has just returned from which of the following?

2. What does Socrates tell Ion about a person who can recite poetry well?

3. What is a symposium?

4. Adeimantus interrupts Socrates in the beginning of Book VI to ask him ____________.

5. The evil of the soul, explained in Book X by Socrates, is ___________.

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