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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Republic: Book VIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Socrates assert about his views of the ideal state?
(a) They break certain established social norms.
(b) They are based on insidious accusations against the current ruling power.
(c) They will bring about the coming of a new empire.
(d) They are without flaw.

2. What is an oligarchy?
(a) Rule by the military.
(b) Rule by the poor.
(c) Rule by the elite.
(d) Rule by the rich.

3. Socrates argues that laws are___________.
(a) Worthy formal pursuits.
(b) Rigid and static, unlike the people they control.
(c) Misguided because no one law holds true categorically.
(d) Affected by the flow of everyday life, and thus should not be formulated individually.

4. How does Dimotia characterize love?
(a) Curious and enigmatic, like the Gods.
(b) Beautiful and pure, like virtue or reason.
(c) Grounded and rational, like a mathematical equation.
(d) Crude and deceitful, like the desire for immortality.

5. What is a symposium?
(a) An ancient restaurant.
(b) A small club of Sophists.
(c) An outdoor gathering of philosophers near a nobleman's residence.
(d) An all- night drinking party where various elite Greeks discuss the meaning of love.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Socrates, woman can____________.

2. In order to respond to Glaucon's objections, Socrates ___________________.

3. When Cephalus tends to his sacrifice, who immediately takes his place in conversation with Socrates?

4. What is timocracy?

5. Socrates believes that the Sophists________________.

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