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Short Answer Questions

1. What had Miss Frye been picking when she found an abandoned baby in "The Binnacle Boy"?

2. Who asks Tekoa about her sister's health in Chapter 2 of "The Binnacle Boy"?

3. After some coaxing, Tekoa reveals that she knows what at the end of Chapter 2 of "The Binnacle Boy"?

4. What refers to a waist-high case or stand on the deck of a ship, generally mounted in front of the helmsman, in which navigational instruments are placed for easy and quick reference?

5. What holiday is approaching in Chapter 1 of "The Binnacle Boy"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Tekoa feel about her role as "translator" in "The Binnacle Boy"?

2. How is the character of Ethan described in "The Binnacle Boy"?

3. How does Miss Frye feel about the death of Sarah in "The Binnacle Boy"? What is ironic in the end of the story?

4. What is anticipated in the beginning of Chapter 1 in "The Binnacle Boy"?

5. In what way does the Binnacle Boy evolve into a graven image?

6. How does Miss Frye react to the news of her son's death in "The Binnacle Boy"?

7. What news does Tekoa relate to Miss Frye upon her arrival in Chapter 1 of "The Binnacle Boy"?

8. What aspects of the climax in "The Binnacle Boy" seem unrealistic? Why?

9. How is the statue described in "The Binnacle Boy"? Where is it placed in Chapter 2?

10. What is the principle objective of the three visitors in "The Binnacle Boy"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the character of Nicholas in "Saint Crispin's Follower", and then discuss the similarities in storyline between this tale and "Pinocchio." How do the themes of the stories relate?

Essay Topic 2

Define the term "graven image" and discuss how this title applies in each of the stories of the collection. What does the graven image in each tale reveal to the characters?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and analyze the character of Tekoa in "The Binnacle Boy." What relationship does Tekoa have with the other characters in the story?

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