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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the setting of "Saint Crispin's Follower"?
(a) Savannah, Georgia.
(b) Buffalo, New York.
(c) Dayton, Ohio.
(d) Charleston, South Carolina.

2. What is the weathervane atop Quince's shop made of in "Saint Crispin's Follower"?
(a) Copper.
(b) Wood.
(c) Iron.
(d) Steel.

3. According to Quince in "Saint Crispin's Follower," kings and sultans could not survive without their what?
(a) Water.
(b) Horses.
(c) Food.
(d) Shoes.

4. Who would participate in the parade for the celebration anticipated in Chapter 2 of "Saint Crispin's Follower"?
(a) The Charleston militia.
(b) The local farmers.
(c) The high school band.
(d) The Fire Department.

5. What is a form in the approximate shape of a human foot, used by shoemakers and cordwainers in the manufacture and repair of shoes?
(a) Bump.
(b) Stump.
(c) First.
(d) Last.

6. In Chapter 1 of "Saint Crispin's Follower," Quince tells Nicholas that he is following a noble calling and that if the boy could only stop what the craft would serve him well?
(a) Drawing.
(b) Going fishing.
(c) Getting into trouble.
(d) Daydreaming.

7. Saints Crispin and Crispinian are the Christian patron saints of what?
(a) Lawyers.
(b) Cobblers.
(c) Doctors.
(d) Sailors.

8. Nicholas realizes he has no idea where what is, at the ending of Chapter 2 in "Saint Crispin's Follower"?
(a) The library.
(b) The river.
(c) Juliana's house.
(d) The church.

9. What leads Nicholas to find flowers for his object of affection in "Saint Crispin's Follower"?
(a) The weather vane.
(b) A bird.
(c) The wind.
(d) Smoke.

10. What refers to a hand tool used to hold objects firmly, for cutting, bending, or physical compression?
(a) Hammer.
(b) Pliers.
(c) Anvil.
(d) Wrench.

11. Who works at the town grocery store in "Saint Crispin's Follower"?
(a) Mr. Quince.
(b) Juliana.
(c) Mr. McPhee.
(d) Nicholas.

12. Who does Nicholas encounter that is in fine spirits talking about being a master of courting in Chapter 3 of "Saint Crispin's Follower"?
(a) Mr. Quince.
(b) Mr. McPhee.
(c) Mr. Flinders.
(d) Zeph.

13. Where does Nicholas find Juliana sitting in Chapter 3 of "Saint Crispin's Follower"?
(a) In a tree.
(b) In a meadow.
(c) On the steps of the church.
(d) By the water.

14. What refers to tall winged leather cavalry boots which are reinforced against sword blows by use of chain mail sewn into the lining of the leather?
(a) Jinxboots.
(b) Jammerboots.
(c) Jackboots.
(d) Joggerboots.

15. What does Mr. Quince see when he looks at the stars in Chapter 1 of "Saint Crispin's Follower"?
(a) Shoes.
(b) Goddesses.
(c) A rainbow.
(d) A blue moon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of flowers are on Juliana's dress in Chapter 2 of "Saint Crispin's Follower"?

2. Who ordered Saints Crispin and Crispinian tortured and beheaded?

3. What was included in a book from the bookstore Nicholas goes to find in Chapter 2 of "Saint Crispin's Follower"?

4. What is Mr. Quince's profession?

5. With whom is Mr. Quince talking when Nicholas returns in Chapter 2 of "Saint Crispin's Follower"?

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