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Jim Butcher
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are the vampires offended by Harry's costume at Bianca's ball?
(a) He chose to dress in a cheesy, stereotypical vampire outfit.
(b) He dressed as a human vampire victim.
(c) He dressed as a vampire slayer.
(d) He chose not to wear a costume.

2. What is Susan's response to Harry's question in Chapter 39?
(a) She wants to interrogate Bianca and get a great story to revive her career.
(b) She hasn't felt the same about Harry since he was imbued with Kravos's magic.
(c) She is not able to control herself around people yet, especially Harry.
(d) She doesn't know if she can trust Harry anymore and needs some time alone.

3. Why does Harry decide to attend Bianca's ball?
(a) He hopes to recruit some of the vampires to help him fight the Nightmare.
(b) He doesn't want to have hard feelings with Bianca.
(c) He hopes to find the Nightmare's controller.
(d) He doesn't want to commit a breach of etiquette.

4. How does Lea help Harry defeat the Nightmare?
(a) She sets up a distraction for the Nightmare, and heals Harry.
(b) She tells him that what he needs is all around him, heals him, and disappears.
(c) She gives him a momentary boost to his powers.
(d) She tells Harry to use the running water in the graveyard to defeat the Nightmare.

5. How does Harry find and confront Kravos, in Chapter 36?
(a) He goes to sleep.
(b) He fights Justine, whom Kravos possessed.
(c) He doesn't confront Kravos directly.
(d) He casts a spell to summon Kravos.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Harry become weak in Lea's presence, in Chapter 27?

2. What gift does Harry receive from Bianca?

3. What contact does Harry have with the Nightmare's controller, when he summons the Nightmare in Chapter 23?

4. How do Michael and Harry react when Thomas shows up at their doorstep in Chapter 31?

5. Where is Harry, at the beginning of Chapter 34?

Short Essay Questions

1. What conclusion does Harry reach about why he was invited to Bianca's party?

2. What do the vampires do to start the fight between themselves and Harry's group?

3. How does Harry ultimately defeat Kravos?

4. How do the vampires react to Harry's costume at the masquerade ball?

5. Why do the vampires poison the wine at the masquerade ball?

6. Why is Susan in danger at Bianca's ball?

7. What happens when Harry opens the rift from the Nevernever into Bianca's mansion?

8. What deal does Bianca propose to Harry?

9. Why does Thomas betray Harry's group?

10. What does Harry discover about Susan?

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