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Jim Butcher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Harry deduce about the Nightmare in Chapter 32?
(a) It is being controlled by someone new.
(b) He needs Justine's help to defeat it.
(c) He can only defeat it in the Nevernever.
(d) It is not Kravos's demon, but Kravos' ghost.

2. What does the man with Bianca tell Harry?
(a) He can help cure Harry of the poison coursing through his bloodstream.
(b) His actions are just cause for a war between the Vampire Council and the White Council.
(c) If Harry makes any attempts to attack Bianca, he will kill Susan.
(d) Harry must stop pursuing the Nightmare because he has no idea how complicated the situation is.

3. Who is the first of Harry's group taken captive, in Chapter 30?
(a) Susan.
(b) Harry.
(c) Justine.
(d) Thomas.

4. What offer does Bianca make to Harry in Chapter 38?
(a) She can help Harry defeat Lea, if she is allowed to keep Susan.
(b) She can cure the poison by turning him into a vampire.
(c) She will make sure the war doesn't happen, if Harry agrees to stop pursuing the Nightmare, and never bother her again.
(d) She will make sure the war doesn't happen, if she is allowed to keep Susan.

5. What happens to Justine in Chapter 34?
(a) She completes her transformation into a vampire.
(b) She gets taken away by Bianca, and Harry doesn't know why.
(c) She gets dragged out by Bianca's vampires and eaten.
(d) She is possessed by Kravos.

6. What does Harry ask Susan, in Chapter 39?
(a) If she will marry him.
(b) If she will ever be human again.
(c) Why she won't stop pursuing Bianca.
(d) If she still loves him.

7. What does Harry eat, in Chapter 33?
(a) A cyanide capsule.
(b) A piece of bread, dipped in arsenic.
(c) A poisonous mushroom.
(d) A piece of mugwort root.

8. What was the cause of Harry's changes?
(a) He devoured Kravos' ghost.
(b) He is using faith magic for the first time.
(c) Lea is helping him.
(d) The poison had unexpected side effects.

9. Why is Amoracchius altered, in Chapter 21?
(a) Lea puts a spell on it.
(b) Michael puts a spell on it.
(c) Because it was used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended.
(d) Because it cannot be used against faeries.

10. What is Susan's response to Harry's question in Chapter 39?
(a) She wants to interrogate Bianca and get a great story to revive her career.
(b) She is not able to control herself around people yet, especially Harry.
(c) She doesn't know if she can trust Harry anymore and needs some time alone.
(d) She hasn't felt the same about Harry since he was imbued with Kravos's magic.

11. How does Harry find and confront Kravos, in Chapter 36?
(a) He casts a spell to summon Kravos.
(b) He doesn't confront Kravos directly.
(c) He fights Justine, whom Kravos possessed.
(d) He goes to sleep.

12. How does Bianca plan on unmaking Amoracchius?
(a) By removing the crucifixion nail embedded in its hilt.
(b) By using it to shed the blood of an innocent.
(c) By binding it to herself, using a spell.
(d) By removing the enchantments.

13. In Chapter 37, what is different about Harry?
(a) He is unable to turn off his wizard's sight.
(b) He has his own magic back, as well as some of Kravos'.
(c) He got his own magic back.
(d) He is able to use magic without his blasting rod or staff.

14. Who tries to defeat Lea with Amoracchius at the end of Chapter 21?
(a) The Nightmare.
(b) Michael.
(c) Harry.
(d) Charity.

15. Where are Michael and Harry, in the beginning of Chapter 22?
(a) The maternity ward of the hospital.
(b) Michael's house.
(c) The graveyard.
(d) Harry's apartment.

Short Answer Questions

1. What enrages Harry, to the point where he loses control of himself and his magic, in Chapter 30?

2. What announcement does Michael make to Harry?

3. What does Lea's interference tell Harry about her powers?

4. Why does Harry refuse to go with Lea as he leaves the graveyard in Chapter 21?

5. Where is Harry, at the beginning of Chapter 34?

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