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Jim Butcher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Harry finally able to defeat, in Chapter 37?
(a) Kravos.
(b) Lea.
(c) Kyle and Kelly.
(d) Bianca.

2. What does Lea offer to do for Harry in Chapter 27?
(a) Help him kill the Nightmare.
(b) Help him get Susan out of the ball.
(c) Cure him of the effects of the vampire venom.
(d) Stop his powers from turning against him.

3. What happens to Justine in Chapter 34?
(a) She gets taken away by Bianca, and Harry doesn't know why.
(b) She completes her transformation into a vampire.
(c) She gets dragged out by Bianca's vampires and eaten.
(d) She is possessed by Kravos.

4. Where is Harry, at the beginning of Chapter 34?
(a) In Michael's bedroom.
(b) Tied up in Bianca's dias.
(c) Lost in the Faerie realm of the Nevernever.
(d) Locked in a room in Bianca's mansion.

5. Why does Harry go to the emergency room, after his graveyard battle with the Nightmare?
(a) He pulled a hamstring.
(b) He sustained a large cut on his forehead.
(c) He broke his arm.
(d) He is weak and dizzy.

6. Why did Bianca choose to try and kill Harry with poisoned wine?
(a) The wine wasn't for Harry; Bianca didn't think he would partake of it.
(b) She knew that Harry would not resist the wine.
(c) If everyone's wine was poisoned, she could claim she wasn't just targeting Harry.
(d) She knew that if Harry didn't drink the wine, it would be a breach of etiquette.

7. Why is Susan in danger if she stays at Bianca's party?
(a) The vampires are offended by her costume.
(b) She is the only sure way for Bianca to get to Harry.
(c) She forged her invitation, so she is not protected by the laws of hospitality.
(d) The vampires think she was brought there to be food, like the other humans.

8. What is Harry wearing, in Chapter 37, when he confronts Bianca?
(a) His leather duster, with black shirt and black pants.
(b) His leather duster with a western-style shirt and blue jeans.
(c) A cheesy vampire costume.
(d) A pair of boxers with yellow duckies on them.

9. What spell does Harry put on the Nightmare, in Chapter 23?
(a) It can only attack him, and no one else.
(b) It is limited to graveyards and cemeteries in its physical form.
(c) It cannot use its powers for destructive purposes.
(d) It can no longer stray out of Nevernever.

10. What do the other vampires do after seeing the exchange between Michael, Harry, Kyle and Kelly?
(a) They prepare to defend themselves if Michael and Harry attack.
(b) They move in to attack Michael and Harry.
(c) They angrily demand that Michael and Harry leave at once.
(d) They keep their distance.

11. Why does Harry refuse to go with Lea as he leaves the graveyard in Chapter 21?
(a) The Nightmare isn't dead yet.
(b) He needs to get Michael and Charity to safety first.
(c) He didn't promise to go with her that night.
(d) He is afraid to go with her.

12. What does Harry deduce about the Nightmare in Chapter 32?
(a) He needs Justine's help to defeat it.
(b) It is not Kravos's demon, but Kravos' ghost.
(c) It is being controlled by someone new.
(d) He can only defeat it in the Nevernever.

13. With what substance was the wine poisoned?
(a) Foxglove.
(b) Arsenic.
(c) Vampire venom.
(d) A poisonous mushroom.

14. Why did Bianca invite her enemies to her masquerade ball?
(a) So she could kill them, as a show of power.
(b) Because she wanted to start fresh after her promotion.
(c) She wanted to make a show of hospitality to them, to earn respect.
(d) She was forced to by the Vampire Courts.

15. What is the vampires' response to Harry's costume at the masquerade ball?
(a) They begin shouting insults at Harry.
(b) They are silent, except for hissing, and the sound of weapons being readied.
(c) They fall in and attack Harry.
(d) They are offended, but take it in stride.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lea take, in return for the favor she does for Harry, in Chapter 27?

2. Who was Michael able to save from Bianca's ball, aside from Harry?

3. How does Lea react to finding out that Harry poisoned himself?

4. Why does Lea help Harry escape Bianca's ball?

5. What happens when the armed men fire at Harry, in Chapter 37?

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