Grave Peril Short Essay - Answer Key

Jim Butcher
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1. Who is Harry Dresden?

Harry Dresden is the first character introduced in the novel. He is a wizard who lives in Chicago. He uses his powers to save Chicago from the ghosts that are tormenting it.

2. What is Harry doing as the novel opens?

At the novel's opening, Harry is driving toward Cook County Hospital in his blue VW Beetle, with his friend Michael, a Knight of the Cross. They are going to vanquish a ghost tormenting the hospital.

3. What is Agatha Hagglethorn doing when Harry and Michael arrive at the hospital?

When Harry and Michael get to the maternity ward of Cook County Hospital, Agatha Hagglethorn's ghost is singing a lullaby to the staff and infants. Harry knows that if he doesn't stop her, she will not just put them into an enchanted sleep, she will kill them.

4. What happened to Agatha Hagglethorn in life?

Agatha Hagglethorn's husband was physically abusive to her and her daughter. One night, he came home drunk and her daughter was crying. Agatha covered the baby's mouth to keep her quiet, and accidentally smothered her; she then killed her husband, and cut off her own hand.

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