Grave Peril Character Descriptions

Jim Butcher
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Harry Dresden

This character is the protagonist, a wizard who lives in Chicago.

Michael Carpenter

This character uses a sword called Amoracchius, which has one of the nails used to crucify Christ on Calvary.


This character is the protagonist's evil Faerie Godmother.


This character is an apparition who works for the protagonist, gathering information from the spirit world.

Susan Rodriguez

This character was once the protagonist's girlfriend, but leaves him when she turns into a vampire.

Karrin Murphy

This character is the Lieutenant of Special Investigations.

Madame Bianca St. Claire

This character is a powerful vampire, who blames the protagonist for the death of someone the character cared about.


This character is a powerful vampire whose children and grandchildren were killed.


This character is the girl who comes to the protagonist claiming to have the gift called Casandra's Tears.

Thomas Raith

This character returns...

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