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Susan Power
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is used to control weak minds?
(a) Sweet basil.
(b) Love Potion Number 9.
(c) Coriander.
(d) Prairie parsley.

2. Where does Martin get a job?
(a) With the Chicago Tribune.
(b) With a rodeo.
(c) At the Chicago Institute of Art.
(d) At the local grocery store.

3. Who is the blond "Easterner" who comes to teach at the reservation because of her fascination with Native American culture?
(a) Pumpkin Light Rain.
(b) Dina Thunder.
(c) Jeannett McVay.
(d) Chaske Bauer.

4. What happens when Crystal is five?
(a) She learns that her mother is odd.
(b) Her mother dies.
(c) Her father leaves her family.
(d) She acquires Red Dress' powers.

5. What happens to the motorcycle?
(a) Archie steals it from Herod.
(b) Archie puts it back on the truck bed.
(c) Herod's new bull stomps the bike to pieces.
(d) It is sold to a neighbor.

6. Of whom is Harley Wind Soldier a descendant?
(a) Yellow Dress.
(b) Ghost Horse.
(c) Ghost Rider.
(d) Red Dress.

7. Who does Margaret say is the father of Lydia and Evie?
(a) Charles Bad Holy MacLeod.
(b) Herod Small War.
(c) A Canadian Indian who has died.
(d) A Japanese surgeon.

8. From where does Herod Small War tell Frank and Harley Christianity comes?
(a) In the ground.
(b) From the east.
(c) Europe.
(d) It comes down the Missouri River.

9. When Charles Bad Holy MacLeod returns from Pennsylvania with what does he return?
(a) A head full of education.
(b) Gifts for the tribe.
(c) A ring for Margaret.
(d) A disease.

10. Why does Pumpkin feel as if she does not fit comfortably into her Native American culture?
(a) She is not Sioux.
(b) She is not from North Dakota.
(c) Her continual striving for knowledge has widened her horizons.
(d) She is not as smart as the other members of the tribe.

11. What do Evie and Lydia do for several days?
(a) They ignore their mother's requests.
(b) They watch Neil Armstrong on television.
(c) They play cards.
(d) They care for their mother.

12. Of what does Jeannette come to the reservation full?
(a) Doubt.
(b) Idealistic beliefs about the Native American culture.
(c) Prejudice towards Native Americans.
(d) Insecurities.

13. What does Charles remember of Sioux traditions?
(a) The job of the shaman.
(b) Everything.
(c) Nothing.
(d) The grass dance.

14. What is surprising about Herod's reaction to the female grass dancer?
(a) He tells Frank to remove her from the arena.
(b) He is shocked to see a female dancer.
(c) He asks for more females grass dancers.
(d) Frank is surprised that his traditional grandfather would welcome a female grass dancer.

15. What happens to Calvin Wind Soldier and his son Duane?
(a) They are bewitched by Charlene Thunder.
(b) They are killed in a car accident.
(c) They leave the reservation.
(d) They are kidnapped by Red Dress.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the first wife turn into?

2. Who does Herod say is crazy?

3. What does Margaret tell Harley so she can show him the moon?

4. What is this story?

5. What does Harley assure his grandmother?

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