The Grass Dancer Fun Activities

Susan Power
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Write your own coming of age story, with you as the protagonist.

Beware of the Automobile

Find an article about automobile accidents, and share the article with the class. Relate this story to the accidents in the novel.

Silence is Golden

Lydia has been silent since her husband's death. Spend part of the class period trying to communicate with a partner without using words or sounds.

The Dangers of Alcohol

Research the dangers of alcohol, and create a "Say No to Drugs" presentation to present to the class.

In Need of Therapy

Work with a partner, with one of you playing the role of Harley and the other as a psychologist. Have a therapy session with Harley, trying to help him overcome his childhood trauma.

Powerful Sioux

Draw a picture of Red Dress in all her power.

The Grass Dancer

Write a poem about the traditional Sioux...

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