The Grass Dancer Character Descriptions

Susan Power
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Evelyn - The twin sister of Lydia, this character leaves the reservation as a young woman and moves to Minneapolis with her husband, Philbert.

Ghost Horse - This character is a sacred clown. He rushes into battle ahead of other warriors, treats war as play, and he always says the opposite of what he means.

Martin Lundstrom - This character is a white boy and a misfit in his high school. He walks with a limp and has been secretly making a living as an artist drawing covers for a seed catalog since he was fifteen.

Jeannette McVay - This character is a white woman who has romantic notions of Indians as noble, spiritual people. She comes to the reservation to study them and ends up teaching in the reservation school.

Frank Pipe - This character is a friend of Harley Wind Soldier and grandson of...

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