The Grass Dancer Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Susan Power
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The Prologue

• "Grass Dancers" is set in North Dakota on the Dakota Sioux reservation.

• It is a bildungsroman, or coming of age story, of the two protagonists, Harley Wind Soldier and Charlene Thunder.

• They are both descendants of Dakota Sioux.

• Harley's father, Calvin, and brother, Duane, are killed in a head-on collision by Henry.

• Henry hallucinates that Calvin's truck's headlights are dead Indians' eyes that are trying to scare him.

• Henry aims his vehicle right for Calvin's truck, and Calvin and his son Duane are thrown through their windshield and land dead on Henry's hood.

Chapter 1

• This chapter opens at a powwow in 1981.

• Charlene is testing the mike, which no one protests because her witch grandmother, Mercury, is there.

• The ladies' man, Harley, is helping erect a tent.

• Pumpkin, a red-headed, dark-skinned, valedictorian and soon-to-be student at Stanford, is feeling as if she no longer fits comfortably into...

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