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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tony suggest Mary do?
(a) Get some rest.
(b) Run for her life.
(c) Go to a doctor.
(d) Leave the farm immediately.

2. From where did a new idea in farming that Dick tried come?
(a) America.
(b) The colonies.
(c) Canada.
(d) England.

3. By what are people who keep to themselves troubled?
(a) Personal demons.
(b) Boredom.
(c) Other people talking about them.
(d) Unwelcome visitors.

4. Where does Mary find Moses?
(a) The store.
(b) In a clearing.
(c) In the kitchen.
(d) The old chicken coop.

5. How does Mary feel about managing the farm after she starts working?
(a) Disgusted.
(b) Excited.
(c) Terrified.
(d) Exhausted.

6. What disease does Dick get?
(a) Typhoid.
(b) Malaria.
(c) Influenza.
(d) Cholera.

7. What does Moses use to kill Mary?
(a) A sjambok.
(b) A piece of metal.
(c) A brick.
(d) His fists.

8. How does Moses refer to Mary?
(a) Miss.
(b) Master.
(c) Madame.
(d) Missus.

9. What part of the house makes noise when the seasons change?
(a) The floors.
(b) The roof.
(c) The plumbing.
(d) The windows.

10. What happens to Dick in February?
(a) All of the above.
(b) He gets sick.
(c) He gets in a car accident.
(d) He has a stroke of luck with his crops.

11. What word appears in big black letters in Dick, Charlie, and Tony's minds?
(a) Murder.
(b) Charity.
(c) Hate.
(d) Redemption.

12. What does Tony see Moses do?
(a) Read a book.
(b) Help Mary get dressed.
(c) Kill Mary.
(d) Steal money from the Turners.

13. How long ago did Mary attempt to run away from Dick?
(a) Five years ago.
(b) Two years ago.
(c) Four years ago.
(d) Six years ago.

14. What does Dick give the workers for every hour that they are working?
(a) Water.
(b) A break.
(c) One shilling.
(d) A hit with the sjambok.

15. What is the rainy month this year?
(a) October.
(b) December.
(c) November.
(d) January.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the new house boy?

2. What does the doctor suggest?

3. How does Moses comfort Mary?

4. What does Mary refuse to show to the workers?

5. What did Mary feel nudged her awake?

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