The Grass Is Singing Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How do people react to the newspaper article about the murder?

Most people will read the paragraph feeling a small amount of anger mixed with satisfaction. The satisfaction comes from the confirmation of prejudices held about the black people and idea that this type of crime is to be expected.

2. Why is it strange that no one discusses the murder?

It is odd that no one discusses the murder because the community is a grouping of isolated white farming families. They should be eager to talk about such things with their "own kind," and yet no one will actually address the matter.

3. Describe the Turners' reputation in the community.

The Turners were generally disliked for no other reason than the fact that they kept to themselves. They did not attend any of the community events, and this annoyed the other white families. They assumed the Turners must be stuck up, or more likely, hiding something.

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