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South Africa

The novel is set in this country, which at the time the action unfolds was populated and governed according to the rules of apartheid, institutionalized racism in which the white minority was socially, legally, and politically dominant over the black majority.

The Turner Home

The place in which the main characters live. It is little more than a shack: flimsy walls, no proper ceiling (it has instead a roof of heat-magnifying corrugated iron), and little or no interior decoration.

Ant Hills

These are mentioned twice in the novel, once at the beginning and once at the end. On both occasions they are referred to as means of punishment.

The Sjambok

A South African whip, described in Chapter 1 as hanging over the front door of the Turner home like a motto: "You shall not mind killing if it is necessary."

The Store

A type of building which...

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