The Grass Is Singing Character Descriptions

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Mary Turner

The central character, or protagonist, of this novel. This character's actions, reactions, psychological and emotional state of being, complete mental and spiritual deterioration, and ultimately death drive both the narrative action and the development of the novel's central themes.

Richard (Dick) Turner

This character is a simple farmer with little ambition who has a dream of having a family.

Charlie Slatter

This character is a ruthless farmer who exploits his land and his workers to the fullest, harshest degree in order to make as much money as possible.

Mrs. Slatter

This character is a good-hearted person whose attempts to rescue Mary Turner from her lonely, isolated, frustrated life on Dick's farm are continually rejected.

Tony Marston

This character is a young Englishman recently arrived in South Africa, full of ideals and theories about farm life and about the racial situation.

Sergeant Denham

This character is summoned...

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