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Short Answer Questions

1. How many bottles of the potion do they produce a week?

2. Where is Riley born?

3. What is the name of the man who writes Catherine to ask her to marry him?

4. What does Catherine wear "that would put out your eyes?"

5. How old is the narrator when he goes to stay with his father's cousins?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the narrator's father feel about Verena and Dolly? How does the narrator come to live with them?

2. What does the Judge speak of regarding trust in Chapter 3?

3. What does Dolly declare about love in Chapter 3?

4. Who tells the narrator about the grass harp? What is it?

5. Why is the narrator envious of Riley? What responsibilities does Riley have?

6. What does the tree house gang do while the buzz is going on in the town in Chapter 2?

7. What happened to Riley's uncle?

8. Why do Catherine and Dolly go into the woods once a week?

9. What is Dolly's story with the gypsy women?

10. How does the law get involved in the matter between Dolly and Verena?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the theme of Love in the novel. What different forms of love are represented and by whom? How does the search for love drive the characters and their actions?

Essay Topic 2

What is it about the narrator that sets him apart from society and the community? How is this character the protagonist? How do his actions reveal his character traits? What are his opinions of the other main characters in the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the theme of Alienation in The Grass Harp. Which characters manifest this theme? Why and how? How does the theme affect the action and events in the novel?

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