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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the prize in the competition Maude is in the finals for?
(a) College scholarship.
(b) A trip to Washington.
(c) $500.
(d) $5,000.

2. What does everyone in the tree house decide they miss most in the morning?
(a) Sausage.
(b) Eggs.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Donuts.

3. Which character says, "At home, in the kitchen, there is a geranium that blooms over and over. Some plants, though, they bloom just once, if at all, and nothing more happens to them. They live, but they've had their life"?
(a) Dolly.
(b) Verena.
(c) Catherine.
(d) Collin.

4. Who strips off Riley's shirt in Chapter 6?
(a) Collin.
(b) Sister Ida.
(c) Dolly.
(d) The Judge.

5. On what date does Chapter 5 begin?
(a) October 1.
(b) November 1.
(c) November 2.
(d) October 20.

6. What do his peers nickname the baker's son?
(a) Mule.
(b) Horse.
(c) Ram.
(d) Bear.

7. Who is approaching the tree house at the beginning of Chapter 6?
(a) Catherine.
(b) The Judge.
(c) The Sheriff.
(d) The Bailiff.

8. What is the one thing that Catherine asks to have brought to her in the jail?
(a) Her blanket.
(b) Her embroidery.
(c) Her goldfish.
(d) Her cat.

9. What color hair does Maude have?
(a) Red.
(b) Brunette.
(c) Black.
(d) Blonde.

10. What does Little Homer offer to give Dolly when they leave?
(a) His rope.
(b) His sparkle belt.
(c) His whistle.
(d) His hat.

11. What is the town barber's name?
(a) Andy Wilson.
(b) Amos Legrand.
(c) Jefferey Walters.
(d) Ronald Barber.

12. What does the man whom Maudie Murphy leaves with do for a living?
(a) Sold whiskey.
(b) Sold blankets.
(c) Sold detergent.
(d) Sold neckties.

13. What is the name of the grocery store in the town owned by Verena?
(a) Jitney Jungle.
(b) Verena's Grocery.
(c) Talbo Grocery.
(d) Sunshine Grocery.

14. Who is the Little Homer's brother, who is with the narrator in the tree in Chapter 6?
(a) Jack.
(b) Buck.
(c) Bob.
(d) George.

15. Whose father teaches violin lessons?
(a) Maude's.
(b) Riley's.
(c) Elizabeth's.
(d) Cynthia's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the child evangelist?

2. What is the name of the bakery from which Riley brings rolls to the tree house?

3. Who is the schoolmaster at the town school?

4. Who is one of the characters who drags Catherine away?

5. What does Little Homer take out of his hat in Chapter 6 while in the tree?

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