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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the grand inquisitor say is more powerful than the banner of bread?

2. What is the result of Jesus refusal to take power in the world?

3. What doesn't Alyosha believe?

4. Why does the inquisitor think people will rise?

5. What does Alyosha accuse the inquisitor of?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the grand inquisitor say the freedom Jesus gives people is cruel?

2. Why does the grand inquisitor accuse Jesus of only caring for the strong?

3. What similarity is drawn about Catholics and Masons?

4. How does the grand inquisitor justify lying to people about Jesus and religion?

5. Why does the grand inquisitor say the clergy will suffer?

6. Why does Ivan say Catholics don't like Masons?

7. What does the grand inquisitor add to the first question when he restates it to the prisoner?

8. What is it about the grand inquisitor Alyosha can't believe?

9. What was the third temptation of Jesus by the spirit in the wilderness?

10. Who does the church follow instead of Jesus?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Would the inquisitor be happy or unhappy that Jesus has returned? Take into account the historical setting of the story and the popular viewpoints of the time.

Essay Topic 2

Why does the grand inquisitor say that man is afraid of conscience? How could this conscience be seized? How could it be used by the church if they came to control it as predicted by the grand inquisitor?

Essay Topic 3

Why did the author choose to set the story in Seville of the Inquisition as opposed to another time and place? What is significant about this setting? How does the setting come into play in the plot of Ivan's narrative? Where else could he have set the story?

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