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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the grand inquisitor say accompanies faith?

2. What does the Cardinal say would happen if Jesus turned stones into bread?

3. What does the grand inquisitor say is beyond the strength of man?

4. What does Alyosha accuse Ivan of lacking?

5. What does the cardinal think will lead man away from Jesus?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Alyosha's response to Ivan's poem.

2. Why does Ivan say Catholics don't like Masons?

3. What was the third temptation of Jesus by the spirit in the wilderness?

4. Why does the clergy deceive the people?

5. Who does the church follow instead of Jesus?

6. Why does the grand inquisitor say the clergy will suffer?

7. Why does the grand inquisitor think bribing man with bread is useless?

8. Why does Jesus deserve to be burned at the stake, according to the grand inquisitor?

9. Why does the grand inquisitor think people will follow the church?

10. What was the second temptation put to Jesus?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Alyosha disbelieve the grand inquisitor's character? What does Alyosha believe about the church? What do Alyosha's reactions to Ivan's story reveal about him? When the brother's part what is Alyosha thinking or feeling?

Essay Topic 2

Write about Alyosha's purpose in the narrative. What role does the author choose for him to play? What effect does his existence have on the narrative? Give at least one example to explain your thinking.

Essay Topic 3

Would the inquisitor be happy or unhappy that Jesus has returned? Take into account the historical setting of the story and the popular viewpoints of the time.

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