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Short Answer Questions

1. What doesn't the crowd do when they see Jesus perform two miracles?

2. What does the inquisitor ask the prisoner to judge?

3. What does the the grand inquisitor tell Jesus his fate will be the next day?

4. What does the grand inquisitor predict will be the crowds reaction to Jesus' punishment?

5. How does Ivan describe the prison?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the cardinal come to the prisoner's room alone and in the night?

2. Who is the spirit that talks with Jesus in the wilderness?

3. What happened the day before to 100 people declared as heretics?

4. What does Alyosha think of the old man's behavior?

5. Why does Ivan suggest some people's connection in Jesus began to dwindle?

6. Why does Ivan suggest some people's faith in Jesus become stronger?

7. Describe the grand inquisitor's attitude to the three questions that tempted Jesus.

8. What is the "new heresy" Ivan refers to in the "north of Germany?"

9. Why didn't Jesus use his powers to control man?

10. Why doesn't the grand inquisitor want Jesus to add to his teachings?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Based upon his speech in the prison, write about the effects the grand inquisitor believes a reappearance of Jesus would have on 16th century citizens and Christianity.

Essay Topic 2

Why does the grand inquisitor ascribe so much value to the questions of temptation asked Jesus? What is the importance of the questions?

Essay Topic 3

How is the church in this story deceiving the people? Are they working truly in the people's best interest?

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