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Short Answer Questions

1. What doesn't the inquisitor say is brought to together by the spirit's questions to Jesus?

2. Why does Ivan say, "there was nothing left but faith in what the heart doth say."

3. What was the cardinal doing the day before the prisoner is arrested?

4. In the Inquisition what are penances?

5. What does Alyosha ask Ivan about his story?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to the grand inquisitor, what would have happened if Jesus had changed the stones into bread?

2. How does the little girl feel when she comes back to life?

3. Why does Ivan repeatedly mention Dante in his preface?

4. Why does Jesus deserve to be burned at the stake, according to the grand inquisitor?

5. What does Alyosha think of the old man's behavior?

6. Why does the clergy deceive the people?

7. Why does the crowd flock to Jesus?

8. What does the grand inquisitor add to the first question when he restates it to the prisoner?

9. How is Jesus tempted in the story?

10. Why does the grand inquisitor say the freedom Jesus gives people is cruel?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Why does the grand inquisitor ascribe so much value to the questions of temptation asked Jesus? What is the importance of the questions?

Essay Topic 2

How is the church in this story deceiving the people? Are they working truly in the people's best interest?

Essay Topic 3

What is the view on religion and history expressed by Ivan in his literary preface? What historical events does he reference? What religious ideas does he take for granted as he describes the progress of Christian thought? How does he describe this progress?

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