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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the world divided according to the grand inquisitor?
(a) Into the holy and unholy.
(b) Followers of Jesus and followers of the church.
(c) Into those who believe, wonder and disbelieve.
(d) By class and ethnicity.

2. According to the grand inquisitor, how has the church responded to the questions used to tempt Jesus?
(a) the have forgotten there nature.
(b) They have denied them as Jesus did.
(c) They have accepted them.
(d) they have considered them philosophically.

3. What does the inquisitor say will eventually happen?
(a) Everyone will learn the truth about god.
(b) People will reject the teachings of Jesus.
(c) People will reject the church.
(d) Everyone will become free.

4. What does the grand inquisitor say Jesus would do if he really loved humanity?
(a) Establish his authority.
(b) Forgive all sins.
(c) Give them freedom.
(d) Teach them his ways.

5. What is a prediction given by the grand inquisitor about the future of the church?
(a) It will last for eternity.
(b) It will soon crumble.
(c) The will have power over the state.
(d) It will be destroyed by Jesus.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the cardinal think people don't want freedom?

2. Where do the people believe the church is leading them?

3. What sanction does the grand inquisitor claim Jesus has given for their behavior?

4. Why does the cardinal say the people would respect Jesus' power if he fed them?

5. What does Alyosha accuse the inquisitor of?

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