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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the grand inquisitor, what role does Jesus reject?
(a) Silent wanderer.
(b) Aribiter of truth.
(c) Provider of food and shelter.
(d) Giver of wisdom.

2. What mystery does Ivan say is guarded?
(a) The church doesn't believe what they teach.
(b) There is no God.
(c) Jesus never existed.
(d) The clergy is really after money.

3. What is the third thing Jesus is tempted with?
(a) Seizing authority.
(b) Eternal life.
(c) Having his own church.
(d) Beautiful women.

4. What does Ivan hope to learn upon meeting Alyosha again?
(a) How his thinking has changed.
(b) About his family.
(c) About his experiences.
(d) If he really liked his poem.

5. Why does the cardinal think that the church will appear to be gods?
(a) They will perform miracles.
(b) They will have be all powerful.
(c) They will preach God's word.
(d) They will free the people from spiritual thought.

6. How does the cardinal say Jesus responded to the first question from the spirit?
(a) Telling the spirt it is wrong.
(b) Saying man lives not by bread alone.
(c) Ignoring the question.
(d) Calmly answering no.

7. According to the grand inquisitor, what is the difference about how the church and Jesus implement their philosophy?
(a) The church wants people to be free.
(b) The church forces theirs on people.
(c) Jesus does not beileve in temptation.
(d) Jesus doesn't want people to believe in his.

8. Why must the church determine right and wrong for the people, according to the grand inquisitor?
(a) To enslave them.
(b) To maintain his authority.
(c) To save them from misery.
(d) To protect the the church.

9. According to the grand inquisitor, what will the be the church's view on freedom?
(a) They will know they have abolished it.
(b) It will be publicly banned.
(c) They will want it for all.
(d) They will think they are responsible for everyone's freedom.

10. What is the significance of the Tower of Babel?
(a) Man trying to equal god.
(b) Supreme knowledge.
(c) Scientific acheivement.
(d) Physical power.

11. How is the world divided according to the grand inquisitor?
(a) Into those who believe, wonder and disbelieve.
(b) Followers of Jesus and followers of the church.
(c) By class and ethnicity.
(d) Into the holy and unholy.

12. What is similar about Catholics and Masons, according to Ivan?
(a) They have secret philosophies.
(b) They want to stop the Inquisition.
(c) They believe in freedom.
(d) They both elect officials.

13. What motivates the inquisitor besides a desire for power?
(a) He believes he is doing right.
(b) He wants to destroy the weak.
(c) he believes he is doing the work of Jesus.
(d) He never beleived in Jesus.

14. What does the inquisitor predict the church will do when it achieves supreme authority?
(a) Make greater questions than those that tempted Jesus.
(b) Eliminate all misery.
(c) Give freedom to all.
(d) Finally understand Jesus temptation.

15. How does the inquisitor equate the clergy and Jesus himself?
(a) They are both powerfull.
(b) They both love the strong.
(c) They both love the weak.
(d) They both made sacrifices.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sanction does the grand inquisitor claim Jesus has given for their behavior?

2. What is the first question the spirit asks Jesus?

3. Why does the grand inquisitor say that Jesus didn't love people at all?

4. What does the cardinal think will lead man away from Jesus?

5. Why does the grand inquisitor think the bribe of bread is ultimately useless?

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