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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What motivates the inquisitor besides a desire for power?
(a) he believes he is doing the work of Jesus.
(b) He believes he is doing right.
(c) He wants to destroy the weak.
(d) He never beleived in Jesus.

2. According to the grand inquisitor, how has the church responded to the questions used to tempt Jesus?
(a) the have forgotten there nature.
(b) They have denied them as Jesus did.
(c) They have accepted them.
(d) they have considered them philosophically.

3. Why does the grand inquisitor say that Jesus didn't love people at all?
(a) He taught them the truth.
(b) He gave them hope.
(c) He gave them freedom.
(d) He enslaved them.

4. What does the cardinal say the church does that Jesus doesn't?
(a) Care for the weak.
(b) Forgive sinners.
(c) Understand freedom.
(d) Show compassion.

5. What does the grand inquisitor say Jesus did to spirituality?
(a) Saved it from destruction.
(b) Burdened it with suffering.
(c) Protected it from the church.
(d) Created it in his actions.

6. What does Ivan say must exist among the clergy?
(a) One believer in the church's mission.
(b) Jesus in disguise.
(c) Hope and love.
(d) A man unlike the inquisitor.

7. Who does the grand inquisitor say is blameless?
(a) Jesus for refusing temptation.
(b) The spirit who tempted him.
(c) Those who renounced Jesus.
(d) The church for seizing power.

8. Why do Catholics detest Mason's, according to Ivan?
(a) Catholics believe in Jesus.
(b) Masons believe in mystery.
(c) They break up the unity of conformity.
(d) The masons are too greedy.

9. What did the grand inquisitor believe when he was younger?
(a) That the church was evil.
(b) In all that Jesus taught.
(c) That Jesus wasn't real.
(d) The church purpose was to control.

10. How does the church create a unified body of worship?
(a) Advertising.
(b) Forcing its will on leaders and citizens.
(c) Using promises made by Jesus.
(d) Setting examples to be followed.

11. How does the grand inquisitor think Jesus created conscience?
(a) By not proving his identity.
(b) In his interactions with students.
(c) Teaching man through example.
(d) Living selflessly.

12. What is the second thing Jesus was tempted with?
(a) Seizing power.
(b) Proving his power to all.
(c) Asking for forgiveness.
(d) Healing the world.

13. What does the inquisitor predict the church will do when it achieves supreme authority?
(a) Make greater questions than those that tempted Jesus.
(b) Eliminate all misery.
(c) Finally understand Jesus temptation.
(d) Give freedom to all.

14. What does the inquisitor say people will destroy?
(a) Seville.
(b) The world.
(c) Jesus' temple.
(d) The prisons.

15. What mystery does Ivan say is guarded?
(a) The church doesn't believe what they teach.
(b) Jesus never existed.
(c) There is no God.
(d) The clergy is really after money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the cardinal think people don't want freedom?

2. How long does the grand inquisitor say it had been since the church followed Jesus' teachings?

3. Why is there still doubt as to the truth of Jesus' divinity?

4. How does the grand inquisitor justify people turning their backs?

5. Why did the grand inquisitor change his mind about Jesus teachings?

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