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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the first person Jesus helps in the crowd?
(a) A condmened man.
(b) The Inquisitor.
(c) A dead girl.
(d) A blind man.

2. What does the inquisitor say couldn't be clear at the time of the questions?
(a) Their importance.
(b) How they would be answered.
(c) Their truth.
(d) Their prophetic nature.

3. How does the blind man get Jesus to heal him?
(a) Jesus presses is hand to his eyes.
(b) He asks Jesus.
(c) He touches Jesus clothes.
(d) He grabs Jesus hand.

4. How does Jesus help the second person in the crowd?
(a) He helps a man escape torture.
(b) He brings a girl back to life.
(c) He forgives a woman's sins.
(d) He allows a blind man to see.

5. What is the grand inquisitor's manner with Jesus?
(a) Puzzled.
(b) Loving.
(c) Authoritative.
(d) Aplogetic.

6. Why does the crowd tremble in obedience to the cardinal?
(a) They hope he will reward them.
(b) He tells the guards to arrest them.
(c) They know he is powerful.
(d) He orders them on their knees.

7. What does the grand inquisitor think is important about the Jesus' encounter with the spirit?
(a) The spirit's reaction.
(b) The three questions.
(c) Jesus' response.
(d) The energy created by it.

8. What does the inquisitor say man can not understand?
(a) Beauty.
(b) Truth.
(c) Freedom.
(d) Evil.

9. What is the cardinal wearing when he witnesses the crowd?
(a) Gorgeous cardinal's robes.
(b) Uniform of the "holy guard."
(c) A funeral suit.
(d) An old monk's cassock.

10. What does the prisoner do to be recognized by the people?
(a) He heals a blind man.
(b) He walks into a crowd.
(c) He holds out his hands.
(d) He appears unobserved.

11. What does the grand inquisitor say Jesus rejects in the wilderness?
(a) Sin in man.
(b) The inquistion.
(c) His temptation by a spirt.
(d) The teachings of the church.

12. Where do the guards take the prisoner?
(a) To the prison.
(b) To a secret location outside of town.
(c) To the cardinal's chamber.
(d) To the cathedral.

13. What does the cardinal do when he repeats the spirit's questions?
(a) He quotes the bible.
(b) He makes a joke of it.
(c) He poses it to the prisoner.
(d) He puts it into he own words.

14. When the people are silent before him what does the cardinal do?
(a) Explain his actions.
(b) Bless them.
(c) Demand their obedience.
(d) Preach a sermon.

15. What part of the scene in front of the cathedral does the cardinal witness?
(a) Jesus appearing.
(b) A man asking to be healed.
(c) A girl coming back to life.
(d) A man's sight being restored.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first thing the visitor does when entering the prisoner's cell?

2. Why does Ivan say, "there was nothing left but faith in what the heart doth say."

3. What is the cardinal's immediate reaction upon witnessing the scene outside the Cathedral?

4. How does Ivan describe the prison?

5. What do the guards do with the prisoner?

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