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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "His" Coming.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Inquisition what are penances?
(a) Rewards for good deads
(b) Punishments for sin
(c) Lessons to be practiced
(d) Verses to memorize

2. What does Ivan mean when he says, "It was customary in poetry to bring down heavenly powers on earth"?
(a) Poetry gives heavenly powers to all listeners.
(b) Poetry makes supernatural power commonplace.
(c) It is common to use religious figures as characters in poetry.
(d) Writing poems is normal for those with "heavenly powers."

3. Why does Ivan say that Jesus appears in his tale?
(a) His tale takes place at "the end of time."
(b) Jesus is returning as he promised.
(c) To stop the Inquisition.
(d) To appear for a moment as the people sunk in iniquity.

4. How does Jesus help the second person in the crowd?
(a) He helps a man escape torture.
(b) He brings a girl back to life.
(c) He allows a blind man to see.
(d) He forgives a woman's sins.

5. Before he is arrested in the story, what doesn't Jesus do?
(a) Heal a child.
(b) Heal a blind man.
(c) Preach a sermon.
(d) Appear in Seville.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the girl do when she comes back to life?

2. What play was performed in the Hotel de Ville of Paris in the reign of Louis XI in honor of the birth of the dauphin?

3. Why does Ivan say the character "Our Lady" falls before the throne of God and beg?

4. How does the blind man get Jesus to heal him?

5. In the Inquisition, who controlled penances?

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