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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Third Temptation.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Besides in the works specifically mentioned, where does Ivan say that Christian religious figures appear?
(a) Mathematics.
(b) Star Constellations.
(c) Scattered legends.
(d) Alyosha's Dreams.

2. What is the cardinal's immediate reaction upon witnessing the scene outside the Cathedral?
(a) His face darkens and his eyebrows tense.
(b) He smiles mischeviously.
(c) He orders a man arrested.
(d) He calls for his guards.

3. What author's work does Ivan specifically reference in his "Literary" Preface?
(a) Victor Hugo.
(b) Tolstoy.
(c) Peter the Great.
(d) Dostoevsky.

4. What does the cardinal say man will do for earthly bread?
(a) Believe.
(b) Anything.
(c) Stop sinning.
(d) Be appeased.

5. How does Ivan feel about the part in his poem where the prisoner first appears?
(a) He thinks it is funny.
(b) He thinks it is very orignal.
(c) He would like to refine it more.
(d) He thinks its one of the best parts.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Ivan NOT say was present at the auto de fe the day before?

2. What does the grand inquisitor say Jesus did to spirituality?

3. What will the church declare upon finishing the temple?

4. How does Ivan describe the night in Seville?

5. What does the Cardinal say would happen if Jesus turned stones into bread?

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