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Lesson 1 (from Ivan's "Literary" Preface)


In this section, Ivan introduces a narrative that he composed to his brother Alyosha by making several literary references to literature including Victor Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris, The Wanderings of Our Lady through Hell, and Dante's Divine Comedy. The objective of the lesson is to identify and compare the references used by Dostoevsky in his work.


1) Class discussion. What stories and authors does Ivan reference in his Introduction? When do these story take place? When are they written? What do they have in common? Why does Ivan speak about religion in his preface? Why does he pick stories about Christian religious characters? Are the stories from the Bible?

2) In Small groups, create a chart or notes listing the references Ivan makes to other authors' works. Give information summarizing each reference and include it in the chart or notes.

3) Class activity. As a class, create...

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