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Ivan's "Literary" Preface

• Ivan tells his brother Alyosha that every story must have a preface and proceeds to give him one regarding a story he is about to tell.
• Ivan cites examples of religious characters in literature.
• Ivan discusses Christian faith and how attention has moved away from Jesus since he was physically present on the Earth.
• Ivan tells of scattered secret appearances on earth by Jesus.

"His" Coming

• Jesus appears unnoticed in Seville, Spain, during the Spanish Inquisition
• Jesus is recognized and surrounded by a large crowd, who are instantly healed and who urge him to perform more miracles.
• Jesus heals a blind man's sight.
• Jesus encounters a funeral of a small child, and at the mother's request raises the girl from the dead.

Enter the Grand Inquisitor

• The grand inquisitor witnesses Jesus raise a girl from the dead
• The grand inquisitor calls for his guards to...

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