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Kristin Cashore
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Ashen realize that she and her daughter needed to flee?
(a) King Leck tries to get into Ashen's room.
(b) She hears King Leck talking to his Captain of the Guard about Bitterblue.
(c) King Leck tortures Ashen's serving girl.
(d) She hears King Leck hiring an assassin to kill her.

2. What does Katsa prepare to do?
(a) Return to Middluns.
(b) Return to Lienid and get Bitterblue.
(c) Help Bitterblue in her coronation.
(d) Go find Po.

3. Where do Katsa and Po go in the Spring?
(a) To Sunder.
(b) Back to Po's home.
(c) To attend Bitterblue's coronation.
(d) To attend Bitterblue's wedding.

4. What does Po remember his mother telling him to hide?
(a) His Graced control of animals.
(b) His mindreading Grace.
(c) Nothing.
(d) His Graced fighting.

5. Why do Katsa and Bitterblue have to leave the contact before dawn?
(a) They have to be in Lienid within a week.
(b) The town guards has been alerted.
(c) They have to be in the Middluns within a week.
(d) So they are not seen by the contact's family.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Po say that shocks Katsa?

2. Who does Po first feel after Katsa and Bitterblue leave?

3. Who helps Bitterblue establish herself as Queen of Monsea?

4. How does the servant act who lets them into Po's castle?

5. What does Katsa use to make Bitterblue some leggings?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Katsa get aid when she gets out of the mountains, and what kind of aid does she receive?

2. Why do Po and Katsa separate and when do they plan to see each other again?

3. Where is Bitterblue while Katsa is with Po in the cave?

4. What do Katsa and Bitterblue do when they arrive in Monsea? Who goes with them and why?

5. Why does Katsa begin to teach Bitterblue how to fight and what does she teach her? How does the ship crew help?

6. Why do Po and Katsa leave for the forest early and what do they see when they reach the edge of the forest?

7. How does Po begin to recover some of his self-confidence and where do he and Katsa go in the spring?

8. What is the weather like in the mountains where Katsa and Po are climbing, where do they sleep and what does Po remember about his time in the mountains with his family?

9. What does Po need to do now that Bitterblue has told them what happened, what does he leave Katsa and why?

10. How does Katsa figure out that Po is blind, what does she do when she realizes it and what is Po's response?

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