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Kristin Cashore
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Po survive?
(a) Using his grace skills.
(b) He used all the food Katsa had stored there for him.
(c) A kind old woman brought him food.
(d) A kind elderly man brought him food.

2. What is supposed to be under Katsa's control?
(a) Po's castle.
(b) Her Grace.
(c) Bitterblue's actions.
(d) The ship's direction.

3. From what are Bitterblue and Katsa safe in Sunder?
(a) Bitterblue's older half brother.
(b) Po's evil step father.
(c) Arrest by King Leck's men.
(d) The mental grace manipulations of King Leck.

4. What keeps Katsa from doing anything Leck says?
(a) Bitterblue is whispering in Katsa's ear.
(b) Leck grabs Bitterblue.
(c) Her hands are tied.
(d) Bitterblue's obvious fear of Leck.

5. Who is Giddon?
(a) The head of the Council.
(b) An old admirer of Katsa.
(c) Bitterblue's uncle.
(d) The King of Ror's brother.

6. Who does Katsa decide they will contact?
(a) Po's half brother.
(b) Bitterblue's maternal aunt.
(c) A man on the contact list of the Council.
(d) Katsa's step mother.

7. What does Katsa use to make Bitterblue some leggings?
(a) The skin of a deer she shoots.
(b) Katsa's extra riding pants.
(c) A tough, large leafed plant.
(d) The saddle leather.

8. What makes Ashen realize that she and her daughter needed to flee?
(a) She hears King Leck hiring an assassin to kill her.
(b) King Leck tortures Ashen's serving girl.
(c) King Leck tries to get into Ashen's room.
(d) She hears King Leck talking to his Captain of the Guard about Bitterblue.

9. What does the ship approach?
(a) A dangerous whirlpool.
(b) Po's castle.
(c) The point closest to Monsport.
(d) A disputed area of sea.

10. What astonishes Bitterblue about Katsa's scratches?
(a) They turn blue.
(b) They are like a map of the country.
(c) They are shaped like the animal that did the scratching.
(d) They heal quickly.

11. Of what does Po remind Katsa?
(a) Nothing.
(b) That Bitterblue just lost her mother.
(c) That it was their mission to rescue Bitterblue.
(d) That King Lear is no more evil than the other kings.

12. What does Bitterblue say the King wanted to do to her?
(a) Kill her.
(b) Torture her.
(c) Marry her off to the Prince of another kingdom.
(d) Take her powers.

13. What does Katsa notice about King Ror?
(a) He is young to have several grown sons.
(b) He is kind and gentle.
(c) He is firm and insistent.
(d) He is not cruel and arbitrary.

14. Why do the three have to stop and rest?
(a) Katsa has had no sleep for two days.
(b) Po's wounds are festering.
(c) Bitterblue has been running for days now.
(d) The horse is about to keel over it is so tired.

15. With whom does Katsa discuss Po?
(a) King Ror.
(b) Captain Faun.
(c) Bitterblue.
(d) No one.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Katsa and Po go in the Spring?

2. Why does Katsa have to walk instead of ride?

3. When do Po and Katsa plan to meet again?

4. What did Po's mother fear her husband would do?

5. What does Po say that shocks Katsa?

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