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Kristin Cashore
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Katsa wonder about King Leck?
(a) If she will be immune to his powers.
(b) If she should try to talk to him.
(c) If he really is the problem.
(d) If she can quickly kill or immobilize him.

2. Why is Katsa upset about going to dinner at the court?
(a) The conversation is boring.
(b) She has to dress up.
(c) She always has to sit on the king's left side.
(d) She hates the food.

3. What does Po do to try and find out who kidnapped his grandfather?
(a) Pay the spy master.
(b) Goes to several nearby kingdoms.
(c) Go to the taverns and listen to the drunks.
(d) Torture any informants.

4. What does Po think about the animals and King Leck?
(a) There are no cut up animals.
(b) They are only livestock that were killed.
(c) The king tried to save the animals.
(d) He has cut up the animals himself.

5. How do Po and Katsa decide to get to Monsea?
(a) Following the river.
(b) By boat.
(c) Across the great plains.
(d) Through the mountains.

6. What does she think the Graced fighter is doing with her at the dinner?
(a) Trying to get a date.
(b) Trying to get her to tell him where the prisoner was taken.
(c) Challenging her power.
(d) Nothing, he is ignoring her.

7. What does Katsa do with the guards after she knocks them out?
(a) Kill them.
(b) Pours whiskey down their throats.
(c) Gives them sleeping pills.
(d) Tie them up.

8. What does Raffin say about why Po keeps his ability to himself?
(a) So he can fool people.
(b) So he doesn't have to learn to fight well.
(c) So he can have friends.
(d) So he can be a good spy.

9. What does Po say when Katsa accuses him of being a Graced mindreader?
(a) That he can sense poeple and what they are thinking about him.
(b) That he is a Graced mindreader.
(c) That he has no ability in that area.
(d) That he can read emotions, not thoughts.

10. What is Giddon doing at Tealiff's cell?
(a) Banging on the door with his sword.
(b) Talking to Tealiff.
(c) Picking the lock.
(d) Shutting the door.

11. Of what does Po assure Giddon at the council meeting?
(a) He is not interested in Katsa.
(b) Neither he nor his family was involved in the kidnapping.
(c) He will fight Giddon for Katsa.
(d) He will not be at the court for long.

12. How does Po get into his castle?
(a) He goes through a window.
(b) He goes in the front door.
(c) He climbs a rope.
(d) He has a back gate.

13. For what reason did Katsa start the secret council?
(a) To overthrow the kings.
(b) To restrain the wanton crimes of the kings.
(c) To make certain no innocent person is killed.
(d) To teach Raffin to be a better king.

14. What does Po sense about King Leck?
(a) He is not involved in anything bad.
(b) He can tell them what they need to know.
(c) There is some problem surrounding him.
(d) He is a good neutral person.

15. What do Katsa and her companions do before they go to the home of an Estillan borderlord?
(a) Sharpen their swords.
(b) Put on official dress.
(c) Eat dinner.
(d) Bribe one of his guards.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who meets Katsa in the king's courtyard when she returns home?

2. What worries Katsa about the size of the council?

3. What do Po and Katsa do after fighting?

4. What does Po suggests to Katsa they can do?

5. Where are Katsa and Po traveling first?

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