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Kristin Cashore
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chaps. 16-18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Katsa ask Raffin about Giddon?
(a) If Giddon is back in town.
(b) If Giddon loves her.
(c) If Giddon can go to Monsea.
(d) If Giddon has a girlfriend.

2. What did the person in question #62 do that has angered the king?
(a) Hunt stag in the king's forest.
(b) Not paid his taxes that year.
(c) Not come to court for a summons.
(d) Refused a proposed marriage of his daughter.

3. Why is a fight with Po more evenly matched at night?
(a) Katsa tends to get disoriented at night.
(b) Po is able to perceive Katsa with his Grace.
(c) There is no difference between night and day fighting.
(d) Po has better night vision.

4. Why is Helda different with Katsa than most people?
(a) She is argumentative with Katsa.
(b) She sees Katsa as a gentle soul.
(c) She is no different than any others at court.
(d) She is not afraid of Katsa.

5. On what does Katsa rely when she fights with Po knowing his ability?
(a) Pretending to be hurt.
(b) Misdirection with her feet.
(c) Thinking the opposite of what she is going to do.
(d) Brute force and speed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Raffin say about why Po keeps his ability to himself?

2. What does Katsa think about herself and Giddon?

3. What does Po's grandfather talk about when he wakes up and they are there?

4. Why is Giddon angry at the Lienid prince?

5. By what nickname is the father of the Lienid known?

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