Objects & Places from Graceling

Kristin Cashore
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Grace, Graced powers

In the land of the seven kingdoms, a certain small proportion of children are born with these.

The Seven Kingdoms

The story takes place here.

The Middluns

This is a kingdom in the middle of the land of the story, and has no seashore or high mountains.


This is a land south of the Middluns that has several ports of the sea.


This is an island kingdom offshore of the other six kingdoms.


This is a land isolated by mountains that has a seashore.

The Rings of Po

Po has these for himself, his mother, his father, and his six brothers.

Fighting and Weapons

In the land of the seven kingdoms, many men are involved in this and has these.

The Royal Court of the Middluns, Dinners at the Royal Court

In Randa City, this is the center of political activity, and...

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