Graceling Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kristin Cashore
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Chaps. 1-3

• Katsa is a Graceling having the power to kill and have great physical strength.

• Katsa is a killer for King Randa is in the dungeon to get a Lienid man who is locked inside.

• A young Graced fighter surprises her and puts a knife to her throat. She knocks him out.

• The man they have rescued is the father of the Lienid king, known as Grandfather Tealiff.

• Katsa and her companions reach Randa City and take Tealiff to a hideout of Prince Raffin's.
• Katsa leaves the hideout and meets her co-conspirators, Oll and Gideon who have been sleeping.

• They leave Randa city and reach the Estill borderlands by nightfall.

• Katsa thinks back to when she became Randa's assassin, and how he was angry she killed so quickly.

• After her first one he laid out how each victim was to be killed and the punishment before their...

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