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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of coat is the short man wearing?

2. Where is Zemlianika?

3. What have the attendants turned the entrance hall into?

4. What does the Governor say his salary is not enough for?

5. Who does the assessor say struck him as a child?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Khlestakov want Osip to bring him a pen and paper?

2. How do the Mayor and Khlestakov greet each other?

3. How does Khlestakov turn the conversation away from the accusation that he is lying?

4. What do Anna and the Mayor fantasize about doing when their daughter marries the Inspector?

5. What does the Mayor's friend suggest?

6. Why does the Mayor think other towns are too busy to show people around?

7. What does the Mayor promise to God?

8. Why does Khlestakov say he is traveling?

9. What does the Inspector of Schools say in an aside about gambling?

10. How do the Mayor and Anna react to Osip telling them that his master likes to hear that he is treated well?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The Government Inspector books greatly influenced modern literature. Choose a book that you think was influenced by the play and discuss its similarities with the play in terms of the following:

1) Plot

2) Character

3) Themes

Essay Topic 2

What are the differences between a play and a film in terms of the following:

1) Language

2) Character

3) Structure

Essay Topic 3

THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR is translated from Russian into English. How much meaning can a play loses through a translation? What aspects of the play do you think would be the most difficult to express in English? How do you think a translator can overcome these difficulties?

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