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Objective: This play is a satire, a genre of comedy in which the habits, traits, or value systems of an individual or group are exaggerated in order to point out their foolishness. The target of the satire in this play is government corruption and hypocrisy. The aim of this lesson is to examine satire.

1. Class discussion. What is satire? What are the conventions of satire? How has satire influenced popular culture?

2. With the students, discuss satire and Gogol's use of it in THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR. What do the students think are the conventions of satire? What type of language do satirical writers use? With the students plan a short story with a setting, two characters and a plot that think adheres to the conventions of satire. Ask the students to write a 300 word satirical scene. Finish the lesson by asking the students to read out their stories...

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