The Government Inspector Character Descriptions

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Anna Andreyevna - Gogol describes her as still tolerably young, and a provincial coquette who displays now and then a vain disposition.

Bobchinsky - He is short, fat, inquisitive, wears short waistcoats, and speaks rapidly with an excessive amount of gesticulation.

Dobchinsky - He first sees Hlestakov at the inn and mistakes him for the government inspector.

The Governor - He is a man who has grown old in the state service and who wears an air of dignified respectability, but is by no means incorruptible.

Hlestakov - He is a young man of about twenty-three. He is a government clerk of the lowest rank and is traveling through the small town accompanied by his servant.

Marya - She responds to Hlestakov's flirtations and accepts his marriage proposal.

Ossip - Gogol describes him as a middle-aged man who is fond of arguing and lecturing his master...

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