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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gabriel see John as the product of?
(a) The devil
(b) A woman's sins
(c) A man's sins
(d) A failing society

2. Who brings Gabriel back to the present?
(a) Roy
(b) Florence
(c) Elizabeth
(d) Elisha

3. Who does Gabriel think sent Esther to him?
(a) God
(b) Satan
(c) The rival church
(d) White men

4. Why does Elizabeth say she started sleeping with Richard in New York?
(a) She wanted a child
(b) No one cared how she acted
(c) She found him irresistible
(d) She wanted to show him she would make a good wife

5. What was the name of Gabriel's first son?
(a) Royal
(b) Gordon
(c) Frank
(d) Damien

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gabriel promise Elizabeth he will bring her back to?

2. Why did Gabriel steal money?

3. What does Elizabeth say she wants to take advantage of by moving north?

4. Who hopes that one day God will grind white people into humility?

5. Who was Elizabeth upset about having to leave behind?

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