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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Gabriel do when he heard the news Royal had died?
(a) Picked an argument with a white man
(b) Hit Deborah
(c) Cried
(d) Went out drinking

2. What did Richard work as?
(a) Butcher boy
(b) Grocery clerk
(c) Courier
(d) Secretary

3. Who told Gabriel that Royal had died?
(a) Florence
(b) John
(c) Deborah
(d) Esther

4. What shift did Elizabeth work at the Wall Street offices?
(a) Afternoons
(b) Mornings
(c) Nights
(d) Split shift

5. What does Elizabeth call her innocence?
(a) Her petal
(b) Her pearl
(c) Her diamond
(d) Her satin silk

6. What part of New York does Elizabeth stay in?
(a) Queens
(b) Harlem
(c) Brooklyn
(d) The Bronx

7. Which of the following does Elizabeth use to describe her relationship with Gabriel?
(a) Her savior
(b) Her funhouse
(c) Her hiding place
(d) Her redemption

8. Which character says "the black scum of this wicked city?"
(a) Gabriel
(b) Florence
(c) Roy
(d) Richard

9. What was the name of Gabriel's first son?
(a) Gordon
(b) Frank
(c) Damien
(d) Royal

10. What city did Royal die in?
(a) San Francisco
(b) Chicago
(c) Los Angeles
(d) New York

11. What does Gabriel see John as the product of?
(a) A woman's sins
(b) A man's sins
(c) A failing society
(d) The devil

12. Who is Gabriel worried is under the power of the lord?
(a) Florence
(b) John
(c) Roy
(d) Elisha

13. Who does Elizabeth say she hated as a child?
(a) Her mother
(b) Her aunt
(c) Her father
(d) God

14. Why does Elizabeth say she started sleeping with Richard in New York?
(a) She wanted a child
(b) No one cared how she acted
(c) She found him irresistible
(d) She wanted to show him she would make a good wife

15. Why would Deborah have taken in Royal?
(a) She was barren
(b) She loved him
(c) She wanted to please Gabriel
(d) He needed a mother

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose point of view is this chapter mostly told from?

2. Why could Deborah not bear Gabriel children?

3. What room in the white people's house did Gabriel first make love to Esther?

4. What does Gabriel command John to do?

5. Why could Elizabeth not leave Richard?

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