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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who stops Gabriel from whipping Roy?
(a) Florence
(b) Elizabeth
(c) John
(d) Elisha

2. What happened when Deborah's father threatened one of the white men that raped his daughter?
(a) He was beaten and left for dead
(b) He was burned to death
(c) He was forced to leave the town
(d) He was jailed

3. Who argues with John's mother in the kitchen?
(a) John
(b) Davis
(c) Roy
(d) Gabriel

4. What war did Frank die in?
(a) Second World War
(b) Vietnam War
(c) The Boer War
(d) First World War

5. What does Gabriel say Roy's cut signifies?
(a) A warning from the lord
(b) A new dawning
(c) Hell is only around the corner
(d) There is only God's love

6. Where does Florence keep the letter from Deborah?
(a) Her handbag
(b) Her shoe
(c) Her bra
(d) A deposit box

7. What chore does John have to do at the church?
(a) Wash the windows
(b) Tidy the tea room
(c) Polish the ornaments
(d) Sweep the floor

8. What does Florence's mother say is the way to pray?
(a) To pour out your sins
(b) To pray in front of a saint
(c) To forget everything but Jesus
(d) To never think about yourself

9. What person in her life does Florence hate?
(a) John
(b) Elizabeth
(c) Gabriel
(d) Roy

10. What character does John admire?
(a) Roy
(b) Elisha
(c) Gabriel
(d) Elizabeth

11. Where does Aunt Florence say the young woman that stands by Gabriel's side now is?
(a) Hell
(b) Heaven
(c) Mississippi
(d) London

12. What does Roy's mother say her husband is trying to keep Roy away from?
(a) Marriage
(b) Death
(c) Jail
(d) Gangs

13. What does Florence think tonight might be the time to do?
(a) Ask for Gabriel's forgiveness
(b) Pray at her mother's grave
(c) Ask for God's forgiveness
(d) Present Gabriel with the letter

14. What is John's chore on a Saturday?
(a) To cut the grass
(b) To wash the dishes
(c) To dust the furniture
(d) To wash the front fence

15. What does Florence say Frank was extravagant with?
(a) Love
(b) Jewelery
(c) Money
(d) Clothes

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Florence's mother try to stop Gabriel from being wicked?

2. Who does Florence think rejoices in her presence at church?

3. Why does Florence think Gabriel rejoices in her presence at church?

4. Where did Florence move to in 1900?

5. What is John worried about as he enters the movie theater?

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