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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: The Prayers of the Saints, Chapter 2: Gabriel's Prayer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Roy and his mother argue about?
(a) Religion
(b) John
(c) Gabriel
(d) School

2. What does Florence say her mother used to tell stories about?
(a) Africa
(b) Slavery
(c) Goblins
(d) Sailing

3. What does the narrow path promise?
(a) The glory of an afterlife
(b) The love of God
(c) A narrow mind
(d) An unhappy life

4. Why does Gabriel not want John to come under the power of the lord?
(a) He will make a better preacher than himself
(b) He is not his real son
(c) He is evil
(d) He has a better life ahead of him

5. Who freed Florence's mother from slavery?
(a) A governor
(b) Abraham Lincoln
(c) Southern troops
(d) Nothern troops

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Florence say she has seen waiting for her?

2. What character does John admire?

3. What room in the white people's house did Gabriel first make love to Esther?

4. What happened when Deborah's father threatened one of the white men that raped his daughter?

5. What did Gabriel consider Esther to be?

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