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Objective: John, has had an upbringing of the strictest sort focused mainly on the church and religious life. The aim of this lesson is to examine John's character.

1) Class discussion. What do the students think is John's conflicts, motivation and goals? How does Baldwin express John's conflicts, motivation and goals within the narrative? In what way do the students think that John's character has been shaped by Harlem? How do the students think John's character will develop through the remainder of the novel?

2) Ask the students to write a character profile for John including his motivation, his conflict, his background and his looks.

3) Ask the students to choose a topic such as race or war and write a sermon that expresses John's point of view.

4) Homework. Write a short story about John.


Objective: The story begins on a Sunday morning with John's apparently pious family dutifully...

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