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Short Answer Questions

1. What part of the baby was deformed?

2. Some of the students were responsible for which of the following?

3. How many additional silverbacks are there in the group?

4. What is the name given to the old woman?

5. Group 9 is missing for how many months?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe some of the members of Group 4 from Fossey's first observations in 1967.

2. Describe at least one scenario in which one or more of the gorillas showed what could be equal to human emotion.

3. Describe Fossey's first major interaction with Peanuts.

4. What were some of Fossey's ongoing issues with funding for the research and camp operation?

5. What happened to Uncle Bert? What did the incident prompt Fossey to do?

6. What was one of the most famous photos of Digit? How did it misrepresent his personality?

7. What did Fossey note when it came to the way the babies played with Uncle Bert? What unusual activity did the group do?

8. Who is Old Goat? What was unusual about her?

9. How did the relationship between Fossey and Digit begin?

10. What was the situation between Group 9, Group 8, and the females?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When designing and setting up the Karisoke Research Centre, Fossey had very specific goals in mind. What were Fossey's goals? What did she hope to accomplish at the centre? Create a business plan for the centre. Include a mission and vision statements to completely explain the purpose, goals, milestones, and proposed outcome of the study and progress at the camp.

Essay Topic 2

Alan and Joan Root were an important piece of the puzzle when it came to helping Fossey establish the Karisoke Research Centre. Who are Alan and Joan Root? Why were they in Africa? Where were they from originally? What was Root's profession? How did the couple assist Fossey in the early days? Discuss Alan and Joan Root's help in establishing the camp.

Essay Topic 3

Dian Fossey was murdered in her bedroom in 1985. The murder has never been solved by Rwandan law enforcement, although there are many suspects and speculation about Fossey's death. Research and write about Fossey's murder. Include primary theories and your argument for or against. What might be done to positively identify Fossey's killer and bring him to justice? Do you think it will ever happen? Explain.

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