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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was known as the Rwandan "Chef des Brigades?"

2. What item does the gorilla want more than anything?

3. To which state does Fossey return when the trip is over?

4. Fossey uses the name of which famous composer?

5. What adjective is used to describe the young gorilla's nature?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Fossey do to make the babies laugh?

2. Explain Fossey's first trek into the gorillas' territory. Who accompanied Fossey? Why?

3. What eventually happened to Bravado and a female named Piper?

4. Discuss the episode in which Fossey is forced to leave the camp. What convinced officials to let her return?

5. Discuss the birth of Pantsy's son. What happened to the little one? What were Fossey's suspicions?

6. Explain Group 5's move to the subalpine range, Fossey's theory, and actions taken to protect the gorillas.

7. Discuss Poppy's near brush with death. What happened? Who/what saved Poppy?

8. What are some of the first things Fossey did when arriving in Nairobi?

9. What was the unusual behavior of Puck? How did Fossey attempt to appease him? What did Fossey learn from the experience?

10. Discuss the introduction of Icarus. To which group did Icarus belong? Who else belonged to the group?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mountain gorillas are only one of the species that ended up on the endangered species list. What does it mean to be an endangered species? How can humans affect this occurrence? Write a 750 word essay on endangered species. Include these topics: Definition of an endangered species, how the danger is decided and categorized, what is on the list, the criteria, difference between endangered and extinct, ways to be removed from the list, and efforts of people and institutions to reverse the problem.

Essay Topic 2

Dr. Dian Fossey had a difficult time employing student workers. Many of the workers were inexperienced, not wholly devoted to the gorillas, the study or the process. Describe Fossey's dilemmas and trials with students. Include some of the antics detailed by the author. Also examine the positive contributions of the students and how they helped to expand the facility.

Essay Topic 3

Funding is always a major issue for projects like the one started by Fossey. Create an outline of the specifics of a similar program. Include a complete breakdown of what would be needed to complete a program like Fossey's, including cost of staff, equipment, properties, facilities, permits, transportation, medicines, etc. How difficult is it to estimate how much money will be needed for a specific period of time? Using this information, create a proposal to be presented to a particular funding source.

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