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Short Answer Questions

1. Fossey later learns that the operation was not necessary but rather it was a(n) _____.

2. Where is the couple located at the time of the meeting?

3. What item of interest did Fossey want to see?

4. In which year was Fossey forced from her mountain camp?

5. The baby girl born around this time is named ____.

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Fossey's study of gorilla dung. What did Fossey learn from the dung and the gorillas' behavior?

2. How did Leakey gauge Fossey's commitment to the project?

3. Describe some of the new residents at Fossey's camp.

4. Describe at least one harsh lesson learned by Fossey while looking for the animals.

5. Explain Fossey's first trek into the gorillas' territory. Who accompanied Fossey? Why?

6. Discuss the birth of Pantsy's son. What happened to the little one? What were Fossey's suspicions?

7. Fossey was careful to do what major thing after meeting the gorillas for the first time?

8. Examine Effie's serious wounds and how they were treated.

9. What methods were used to identify the gorillas in the beginning?

10. Name at least one issue with three-year-old Pablo.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Political upheaval was the reason Fossey was forced to leave Karisoke Research Centre for the first time. Study the political structure of Africa at that time. Why was there political upheaval? Who was involved? Why did it affect the camp? Why/how did it affect Fossey's work? How did Fossey convince the officials to let the work at the camp continue? Was Fossey ever a part of or target for political issues? How did Fossey view the entire situation?

Essay Topic 2

"Gorillas in the Mist" became a best selling book for Fossey. The author also wrote many other books, lectures, papers and articles regarding her time, projects and accomplishments in Africa. Choose at least two of Fossey's other works to compare and contrast with "Gorillas in the Mist."

Essay Topic 3

Not putting oneself above the animals was one of Fossey's commitments. Discuss what Fossey meant by putting oneself above the animals. Why did this issue anger Fossey? Who tended to put themselves above the animals? What was Fossey's response? Give specific examples of an action or incident in which a person would put himself above the animals. Would such behavior cause damage to the study? What does it say about the researcher? Explain.

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