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The name Fossey gives the Land Rover she purchases in Africa.

Louisville, Kentucky

Where Fossey is working when she is granted funding to study the gorillas of Africa.


The location of Fossey's first long-term camp.

Karisoke Research Centre

The second camp Fossey establishes.


A young male gorilla Fossey encounters. The gorilla is eventually killed and decapitated.


A young gorilla taken captive by poachers.


The second young orphan to be taken by poachers.


A chicken that is given to Fossey.

Old Goat

An older female animal who Fossey says looks as if she has a mouthful of vinegar.


The dominant male of Group 8.

Uncle Bert

Named because of an uncanny resemblance to a relative of Fossey, he becomes the leader of a group upon the death of the leader, a silverback named Whinny.

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